Key Issues

Effective and Actionable


 I would like to add technology that could actually reduce the tax burden and increase efficiency.

Use OUTGOING text messaging for people who have court dates coming up.

Right now if your family member is working and forgets the date or time for their court date, there’s a bench warrant issued for their arrest for a failure to appear, and now they sit in jail with no bond because they simply forgot! A simple text message to remind them would cut down on this and that means the taxpayer does not bear the cost of having this person in jail. This has been done in other areas with great results! As a matter of fact, it resulted in the number of bench warrants which dropped by 25 percent. Courts also saw a 35 percent decrease in defendants failing to appear and the county estimated that missed court appearances alone were costing roughly $1.4 million per year!

IPad for every courtroom.

We need to provide an Ipad where the judges notes are recorded, reviewed by the judge right then, signed off, and then uploaded into the system so that there are no delays. This helps the judges and clerks maintain accuracy and the other entities like the jail know exactly what is going on with that person.

We need to decrease the length of time between filing and accessibility.

To have an attorney with no statutory waiting period, standing before a judge, working on behalf of their client, and not able to access the filing because it hasn’t been at least 3 days is unacceptable and we must do better. Other Counties do not have this issue and this needs to be corrected.

Increased Efficiences

I would like to add technology that could actually reduce the tax burden and increase efficiency.

Relationships within the judicial system, other County entities, the judges, and the office staff have not been nurtured and these relationships are in desperate need of repair.

 I will be a full-time, Clerk who actually comes to the office on a daily basis.

With a strong and full-time clerk working to develop these partnerships and to constantly improve processes, we can save more of our tax dollars and ease the tax burden on all residents.

Reduce the tax burden

Make sound financial investments!

I will use my 25years of investment knowledge to increase our rate of return for our investments.

Remove wasteful spending!

We will no longer waste your hard earned tax dollars on things like:

  1. Tax-payer funded wedding
  2. Half a million on Outside legal council
  3. Redecorating already new offices
  4. Expensive resorts

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